What's with cats and boxes?

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Cats and boxes... No matter how wonderfully advanced the design of a cat toy can be, felines will always prefer to play with boxes. Why? You might ask. That's is exactly what we seek to discover today. One by one we will unveil the exciting facts and reasons behind why cats and boxes are an inseparable duo.

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Cats and boxes, why my kitten love boxes so much

Laser pointers, online games, plush toys, an old yarn ball… There is an infinite list of cat toys to pick for your fluffy cat. Yet, you will most likely find your cat playing with the cardboard box of your new electric juicer.

The best place to hunt:

Cats are naturally attracted to enclosed objects. From bags to suitcases, purses and even vessels; Cats and boxes are an enigma to every pet owner. Why do they have this predatory instinct? Well, cats are cunning hunters.

If you live with a cat, you may have noticed that they are always on the prowl. Although they are domestic pets, cats have instinctive forces that are impossible to tame. Placing a dead mouse on your pillow, taking refuge, hunting ... Your cat's brain follows a predator’s instincts.

That's why cats and boxes are a perfect match. Boxes are great places to stalk and ambush that little rodent, lizard, or bird that it’s been hunting for days. Talk about strategic thinking, huh?

Cats and Boxes: A place to feel safe

As we mentioned earlier, they have an overwhelming hunter instinct. Thus, cats understand that, like any predator, they could quickly turn into prey. Cardboard boxes are the perfect hideout for your cat to protect itself from "big predators" that might want to attack it. Also, inside a box, cats can feel safe, cozy, and able to sleep tight for as many hours as suits their fancy.

5 kittens in a basket

Cats and boxes against stress:

As we all know, having a pet cat is an excellent way to improve your health, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. According to research conducted at the Utrecht University, by giving your cat a box, you are providing them the same effect of relieving stress.

In the study, the researcher Claudia Vinke found that giving boxes to shelter cats significantly decreases the level of cortisol their feline brains produce. Consequently, the aggressive behavior of shelter cats changes. Having a box in their lives made them more prone to interact with potential adopters, letting themselves be pet, and makes them more adaptable to their surroundings.

No cat is a box:

Just as no man is an island… no cat is a box, and while cats do prefer to be on their own for a while in a safe place to retreat, they aren’t hermits. There are many videos about cats and boxes proving the therapeutic effect of a cardboard box on your cat's life.

The important thing here is to consider that Cats are less gregarious than dogs. So, they need to recover energy and deal with all the emotions of sharing their home with a human family. Yes, they are sharing their house with you… and we love them for that.

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