Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers?

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Videos of cats scared of cucumbers have become a viral pet prank. "Cats scared of pickles," "Cats reacting to cucumbers," "Cat pranks"…There is a lot of available material to watch this unexplainable phenomenon. That is why today we will investigate why cats are scared of cucumbers, and how this prank can affect the mental and physical health of our pets.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

What's the pickle? Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Well, first of all, cats are hunters; no doubt about that. In fact, what they like best is to have a reliable place to relax and feel safe. Their sharp hunters' instincts make them be in constant alert over their surroundings. Yet, cats are also aware that they could also become the prey.

According to an animal behaviorist, Jill Goldman, cats scared of cucumbers react so shockingly because they feel threatened. Goldman also indicates that cats afraid of cucumbers might think that the harmless vegetable could actually be a snake, lurking to attack them. Snakes are feline’s natural predators, which is why they react with instant rejection.

Finally, Goldman advises that "trying to startle your cat on purpose could cause them to injure themselves." Not so funny now, is it?

Videos of cats scared of cucumbers, is it a safe prank?

Although it is common to play jokes to your human family and friends, viral pet pranks can have negative consequences on your cat's behavior. The bond of trust you have built with your pet can suffer if we create a stressful environment for them. But what's the deal? It's just a vegetable! Yes, but "cats scared of cucumbers" is a viral phenomenon for a reason.

When cats are afraid of cucumbers, their body reacts as if they were under attack. This means that their heart rate increases, their muscles become tense, and their brain starts producing high amounts of cortisol due to stress. These reactions can take a toll on your kitten's health and the emotional connection between both of you.

Are cats scared of cucumbers and bananas?

Yes, they are! Cats will respond negatively to any slender, cylindrical, snake-like object that has been placed near them. Their automatic response is to think: what is this creature that managed to sneak up on me without making a sound? Is it a predator? Could I be under attack? One minute you're careless eating a bowl full of your favorite kibbles, and a second later… You never know what day will be your last!

Is it a good idea to record a "cats scared of cucumbers" video?

Do you want to record funny cat videos at home? There are better ways of having some laughs with your cat, instead of laughing at it. Are cats scared of cucumbers? Yes, they are. Don't let the idea of ​​recording a funny cat video affect your pet's health. Remember, your cat's life should be filled only with joy, toys, cuddles, and sardines… Lots of them.

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