Are French Bulldogs Cuddly? Frenchies 101

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Who hasn't wanted to grab one of those rounded muzzles and kiss them like there’s no tomorrow? Dog lovers have been head over heels for this beautiful breed for several decades now. But are French bulldogs cuddly? Are french bulldogs the right pet for my family? Today we will answer all those questions to help you decide about bringing a new Frenchie member to the pack.

Are French Bulldogs good pets?

French Bulldogs go a long way back. Bred in England more than two centuries ago, French Bulldogs are descendants of Bulldogs and Terriers. Recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club, these mini guardians are the perfect pet to live in a chic studio apartment. 

But, are French Bulldogs cuddly? Of course, they are! Haven't you seen those beautiful bulging eyes? As Companion dogs, they are somewhat more active than the average lap dog, but much more chill tempered than a Dalmatian. Sleepy, cuddly and playful, Frenchies are perfect for hanging out with your nana, playing with your kids, or sleeping tight with your baby.

Are French Bulldogs Cuddly? The French Bulldog’s personality:

If the answer to are French Bulldogs cuddly hasn't been made obvious yet, I’ll give you one word: a resounding YES! But what about their personalities? They are certainly special. They are loving, tender, and a little bit sensitive, but they are also territorial and smart. They surely got that from the Terrier side of the family... Yet, as every pet owner knows, every dog is unique.

Dog training for French Bulldogs is an excellent alternative to reinforce their good behaviors. Well behaved Frenchies are the dream of every dog lover. Also, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle by playing with you in your living room. Of course, cut down sweets and treats, they need to stay in shape.

Appearance, health, and everything else you need to know before buying a Frenchie

These stubborn, cute fellows, are sadly prone to health problems. That is something you should keep in mind before deciding to adopt or buy a Frenchie. Are French Bulldogs cuddly? More than anything in the world. But french Bulldogs are also snub nosed dogs, and that's a difficult trait to handle.

When a Frenchie receives all the care, affection and healthy food it needs, they can live up to 12 years on average. However, it is essential to find a responsible breeder. That way you can be sure your Frenchie puppy has no congenital disabilities or medical complications.

French Bulldogs can suffer from respiratory, cardiac, and spinal problems during their lives. This is why you have to keep an eye on their snoring and grunting. Visit the vet regularly and make sure your baby is in perfect condition.

Is it the one? How to know if a Frenchie will be the right pet for me:

If you haven't made up your mind whether French bulldogs are cuddly or not, pay a visit to your local shelter. There you'll be able to pet senior French Bulldogs, Frenchie puppies, and Chocolate coated Frenchies…

Sensitive, delicate, loyal, and playful, a French bulldog is an ideal pet for those who have a lot of love to give. Just a warning! If you have a Guinea pig, a rabbit, or a small mouse as a pet, it might not be the best idea ever to bring a Frenchie to the equation.

Those teeny tiny noses know how to hunt, don't let them fool you. Other than that, a Frenchie will make la Vie en rose for you.

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