Can my dog take a relaxing bubble bath?

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I don't know about you, but the minute I grab my dogs' shampoo bottle and their towels they start hiding away. Can my dog ​​take a bubble bath? It is a question worth asking. As pet owners, we try everything to make bath time as enjoyable as possible, but do you know all the tricks to get Fido to take a shower in peace? Stay tuned!

Why don't dogs enjoy bathing?

When we were kids, most of the times, bath time was boring, mandatory, and tedious. At least before all the bubbles and imaginary water slides came in. To our dogs, bath time is not very different. It is a time when they would rather be playing, running, or sniffing our dirty clothes.

Also, in the world of dogs, everything is about scent. For them, the smells of sweat, earth, pee, and grass are the closest things to Channel #3 perfume that exists. That is why they will take the first chance they get to jump into a puddle of mud, or better yet, the remains of a dead squirrel. Don't blame us, though; it’s one of Mother Nature’s many mysteries.

How often should you bathe your dog?

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Unless it is recommended for your veterinarian due to an underlying skin condition, dogs can go around skipping showers for weeks, even months. That will depend on the level of activity, type of coat, and climate in which they live.

“OK, but how often can my dog take a bubble bath?” you may ask. The best way to know is talking to your vet.

What bath time tips and tricks do you use to keep your dog calm in the tub?

  • Water temperature: Lukewarm water is always the best choice. Except for Siberian Huskies, most dogs prefer warm water. This is because a dog's thermoregulatory capacity isn't very efficient, and they have a hard time recovering from extreme temperatures.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Put that sandwich down and hear me out. Spreading a generous amount of PB on the tub wall can be a simple, practical, and effective way to keep your dog distracted while soaping his paws. Biscuits will also do it, but you're going to be with wet soapy hands, so there's that to consider.
  • Keep everything under control: When your dog's shower is done, you want to have the bathroom door closed and its towels on the floor waiting for it. This way, you can catch it and wrap it like a furry love taco. This technique will also help you avoid the swirling splashes of your dog getting rid of all the excess water.
  • Don't forget to brush their teeth! Brushing daily is ideal but if their teeth are healthy, even 3 days a week can make a huge difference. Without brushing, plaque can build up, putting your dog at risk for bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Finally, can my dog ​​take a relaxing bubble bath?

Yes, the answer to “can my dog ​​take a bubble bath?” Is… drumroll! Only if Fido relaxes enough to enjoy it. With dogs, everything is about training, patience, and love. Bathing your dog at home can be an enjoyable routine if you manage to make him feel calm.

One last trick? Get in the tub-shower with your dog! That way, you can evaluate the water's temperature, have better access to shampoo it, and remove the residues thoroughly. You are going to have to end up showering anyway, so you better make the most of it and bond with your pawl. So, pick up your favorite bathing suit and splish-splash all the stress away!

Can my dog take a relaxing bubble bath


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