Clipping my dog's nails at home:

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There comes a time in the life of every pet owner where you start asking yourself: should I start clipping my dog's nails? Whether it is for comfort, budget or preference, trimming a dog's nails at home is easier than you think. Practice, confidence, and patience are crucial in giving a great pawdicure to your furry baby.

How long should dog’s nails be?

Long designer nails are a thing only for us humans. Clipping your dog's claws is essential not only to maintain a polished floor but also for your pet's health. You’re wondering when to start clipping your dog's nails? Well, the minute your dog starts making "high heel" noises after each step, they are too long.

Check your dog's paws weekly to see if their claws are too long go for your dog's nail clippers and chop away those sharpie claws. Not using your dog nail clippers on time can lead to ingrown toenails, accidental scratches, fractured nails, and bleeding. Remember to be careful, especially with its dew claw.

Do you need special nail clippers for dogs?

Yes, as any pet owner can tell: clipping my dog's nails at home requires patience. It also requires the right tool to do it. Dogs nail clippers are specially designed to provide better control over the cut's angle. They are also designed to add the precision needed to trim dog's nails at home successfully. There are many models available: guillotines, scissors, and grinders, even puppy nail files.

How to start clipping my dog's nails at home? Six tips to become a pro:

  • I'm about to start clipping my dog's nails at home! What should I do now? First of all, remain calm. Your dog can feel your anxiety rising. That's why you want to take its paw firmly but kindly, don't rush it, set the spa mood.
  • No matter what type of dog nail clipper you use, you need one that's sturdy. You want to achieve a precise cut every time you squeeze it.
  • Dogs may have black or white claws, but inside any of them, there are blood vessels and highly sensitive nerves. That's why you should ALWAYS make small cuts, avoiding the pink part of the nail. One tiny mistake and it will be difficult, but not impossible, to win back Fido's trust.
  • Also, remember to have styptic powder or any clotting powder handy. If you cut your dog's claw excessively, immerse it immediately in the powder to stop the bleeding.
  • Most dogs need some training to adapt to the nail trim process. Giving some delicious treats to your dog is an excellent way to gain its trust clip after clip.
  • If your dog has dark nails, it will be harder to avoid blood vessels. In that case, the best way to go is to ask your baby's groomer to give you a crash course on clipping dog's nails at home.

Now you know everything about "Clipping my dog's nails 101".  Share your tips, experiences, and results of your best friend's pawdicure with us. Share the best photos of your baby! So Fido: say cheese! No, don’t eat it, just… Oh, never mind.

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