Dog Leash Training Tricks: How to

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As pet owners, we know that our dogs follow their noses everywhere they can. That's why dog ​​leash training tricks are so important! In the first part of this article, we’ll compile the best tips to make your dog follow your lead. This time we will talk about how to walk your pet using all the dog leash training tricks we learned from the pros!

How Do I Train My Dog Not To Pull On The Leash?

Experts recommend that, in order to prevent your dog from pulling while walking, the ultimate dog leash training trick is to carry a bag of its favorite treats. When your dog gets too excited and starts pulling, stop and wait for it to calm down. Later, if you see a potential pulling alert when walking together, like a stranger walking nearby, or another dog coming your way, ask it to sit down and give it a treat.

Dog Leash Training Tricks To Make My Dog To Walk Beside Me?

Step 1.

Introduce the leash to your dog. Let him smell it, play with it, and let it use it from time to time. Even long before their vaccinations are done and you can begin walking outside, you can start training it like this during puppyhood.

Step 2.

When Fido starts feeling comfortable wearing a collar, start walking it inside your house. From your living room to your bedroom, from the bathroom to the kitchen. This is an excellent way for both of you to get familiar with the new routine.

Step 3.

Now that you can start walking together, distribute the time in equal parts so that your dog can exercise/evacuate throughout the day. Your dog needs to be outdoors at least two to three times per day.

Step 4.

Be consistent and patient. Little by little, you can become the best team in the dog park. Let your dog smell the flowers, know its surroundings and make new pawls! Socializing is vital for your dog's wellbeing.

The proper equipment:

A flimsy leash doesn't work to walk a big boy. While chokers can be recommended for some hyperactive pups, they must be used with caution, as they can cause damage to your dog's trachea. You want to be in control of the situation at all times, don't let yourself be pulled or let go of the strap by mistake… There are multiple factors to consider before going out.

Harnesses are ideal for dogs with thin necks that could escape from their leash (been there, lived that, and it's quite scary). You want to be sure that you are using the appropriate tool according to breed, age, and size. Check with your veterinarian to find out which model best suits your dog's needs.

Dog leash training tricks: final considerations

Health first:

Walking your dog is essential to keep it healthy. Even walking your dog can prevent Alzheimer's and memory loss for both you and your dog.

Go for Zero-waste:

Poo bags are essential to walk your dog, so another crucial dog leash training trick is to have them on hand at all times. But, think of the numbers. If you are using 2-4 bags on each walk that gives us an average of 1095 non-degradable bags per year, per dog... Fortunately, there are many biodegradable options to choose from to reduce your eco-footprint.

A balanced dog:

Excess energy often translates into barking, chewing, and digging through your furniture. There are dog breeds that need to walk more than others, but in any case, your furry baby will love that moment by your side, walking together towards a long and healthy life.

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