How to Put on a Dog Harness in 3 Easy Steps

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From small pooches to large hounds, dog harnesses can have a few advantages over collars. According to the AKC, a small dog harness will spread pressure over more body area, reducing neck and back strain. Meanwhile, larger dogs can be easier to control with a dog harness, while being easier on your back and arms.

The Basic Concept (TBC) carries several types of dog harnesses to best suit your furry friend. If you are not sure where to start, ask yourself about your pet’s level of activity and how secure of a harness they need.

For example, at TBC, we carry dog harnesses that close with velcro. A dog harness that closes with velcro will probably work better with smaller, senior or less active dogs who do not pull heavily. Also consider materials and possible skin chafing issues. Some dogs have skin that does well with leather, for example, while others fare better with nylon.

Now that you have made your choice, here is an easy 3-step guide for putting that fabulous new harness on your 4-legged bff.



The 1st step of fitting the harness will probably be the most time-intensive but once you do it, you shouldn’t need to do it again.

Take your harness and align it over your dog’s body. Slip it over their head. Depending on which harness you have, you may need to gently guide their legs through holes as well.

Assess any adjustment points and get a comfortable fit, one that is snug but not pinching so as to avoid chafing. The best dog harness should be able to fit no more than 2 fingers between the harness and your dog at any point of contact.

How to put on a easy walk dog harness in 3 easy steps
Step 2. SECURE

Once you have the fit down, secure any and all enclosures, i.e. buckles, velcro panels, etc. Some harnesses have a buckle around the neck and abdomen, while others may have one buckle or velcro enclosures (or a combination of these). Always ensure the attachments are secure before you leash and use the harness. You might want to tug on buckles to test they are all the way in.

How to put on a puppy harness in 3 easy steps

Many of the harnesses at TBC have one buckle to help simplify this process, such as the Comfort Harness, the Buckle Up Easy Harness. We also offer an easy to put-on velcro-enclosure harness, called the Shearing Walk Jacket in pink, blue and beige. The Shearing Walk Jacket can also be layered over a shirt. 

How to put on a puppy harness in 3 easy steps

Step 3. LEASH

Once your canine is comfortably and securely buckled in, get your leash and attach it to the designated loop(s). You’re ready for new adventures!


How to put on a easy walk puppy harness in 3 easy steps

Be sure to pay attention to any possible signs of discomfort in the harness or skin chafing, as you use it!

To see our fun and fabulous selection of dog harnesses in a variety of styles and colors, click here:

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