Raw Vs Dry Diet For Cats And Dogs

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Are you looking into the differences between raw vs dry diet for cats and dogs? Between purchasing a raised feeder or a regular bowl? Treats or fruits? There are many things for a pet owner to keep in mind when it comes to their pet's diet. Grain-free kibbles, fresh veggies, canned foods...There are many options available to suit your pet’s needs.

Raw Vs. Dry Diet For Cats And Dogs: What's the difference?

There are many reasons to ponder the benefits of raw Vs. Dry diet for cats and dogs. Whether your pet has food allergies, is a cranky senior cat, or a full-grown adult dog, it is crucial to make some changes in its diet.

Raw vs. dry diet for cats and dogs differ by the type of food we are serving to our pet. The debate is focused on the benefits of kibbles versus the benefits of giving natural ingredients to your pet in its simplest version: raw.

Some argue that dry food for dogs and cats can cause several diseases and illness, including cancer. Others point out that canned food for cats doesn't provide a balanced nutrition.

Raw Vs. Dry Diet For Cats And Dogs: Why should I change my pet's diet?

A diet recommendation from your Vet can help you determine the best option when it comes to raw vs. dry diet for cats and dogs. Processed food for pets has the reputation of providing balanced nutrition in each bite. However, some experts claim that this type of diet is full of additives and chemicals and lacks essential vitamins and minerals.

Now, in the debate of raw vs. dry diet for cats and dogs, there are also experts against a raw diet. Although it is a simpler diet, made with natural ingredients and high-quality products, giving your dog crude protein can be problematic. Diseases such as salmonella, intestinal obstruction, even tooth fractures can occur while following this approach.

Raw Vs. Dry Diet For Cats And Dogs: Do cats and dogs eat the same?

To consider making the switch to a raw vs. dry diet for cats and dogs (or vice-versa), it is essential to know that they have different nutritional requirements. While dogs can enjoy a more varied diet that includes fruits and vegetables, cats require proteins almost exclusively.

Raw Vs. Dry Diet For Cats And Dogs: How to make the switch

Choosing between raw VS dry diet for cats and dogs is not easy. If you are considering changing from traditional dog food to a raw diet, also known as BARF, it is essential to consult with your veterinarian first.

There are several healthier food choices for cats and dogs according to their age and size. If you are still making a decision, consider safety first, nutritional values and your pet's taste before beginning to change from dry food to raw. Also, remember to go slowly! Sudden changes are contraindicated for your pet's health. That being said, go ahead and dive in snout first, Fido!

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