DIY Frozen Treats For Your Pup!

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Seeing your dog panting constantly is a sign that summer has arrived. That and a sudden craving for ice cream! DIY Frozen treats for your dog are an excellent way to pamper it and prevent a heatstroke.

Why Should I Give My Dog A Frozen Treat?

From watermelon and carrot Pupsicles to seedless apple slices, there are hundreds of recipes available to suit your dog's taste on the summertime. But, why should I make homemade frozen treats for my dog? To help it adjust its body temperature, of course!

As every responsible pet owner knows, although dogs change their coat, their natural response to heat is not very efficient. To regulate their temperature, dogs have a few sweat glands in their footpads and in their ear canals… but that's it! That's why frozen treats for dogs are so important to help them fight heat effects from the inside out.

What Frozen Treats Can I Give My Dog?

Chopped frozen fruit, little chunks of cooked chicken, bone-shaped ice cubes made with broth instead of water, regular ice cubes... There are many ways to entertain and keep your puppy hydrated in these summer months. Remember, DIY frozen treats recipes for dogs don't need added sugars or food colorants. The natural flavors of fruits is enough for your pet’s taste buds.

One Of Our Favorite Frozen Treats For Dogs Is:

  1. Cover your dog's favorite toy with peanut butter. You can also add shredded chicken or beef.
  2. Store it in the freezer.
  3. A couple of hours later, Fido will enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack that will keep him busy.

Of course, you shouldn't use its Pawlenciaga favorite toy for it; you'd risk ruining it! Instead opt for its traditional chewing bone, and you're done. Always in and never out of style.

Simple Frozen Treats For My Dog Recipes

If you are not very experienced with homemade cooking for dogs, or if you don't have the time this weekend, don't worry! There are many simple frozen treats for dogs that your pet will love. Even a serving of frozen yogurt can be very beneficial for your pet's intestinal health and body temperature.

Pieces of frozen banana, watermelon slices (without seeds, as they can cause an intestinal obstruction), frozen tuna cubes... Although, you will need a new ice cube tray after that.

Frozen Treats Are Great, But My Dog Coat Is Too Dense! Should I Buzzcut My Dog?

NEVER! Under no circumstances should you EVER buzzcut your double-coated dog... Well, some medical issues may require it, but other than that, you have to let it be hairy as it is.

Without a doubt, it is difficult to see a Siberian Huskie or a Samoyed in the summer and not feel any concern. They are dogs whose fur can withstand extreme below zero temperatures after all. However, their coats change each season to protect them from extreme cold, and heat... Meaning you would be exposing your dog to sunburns if you shave it.

During the summer, its fur acts as a protective layer, like an umbrella, so to speak. So, the best strategy to help Fido is having some nice fun by the pool, some frozen treats for dogs, dog sunscreen on their nose, and lots and lots of love!

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