Dog Leash Training Tricks: The Basics

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All of us pet owners have been there. Your cute little puppy is the most beautiful, affectionate and sweet little thing that has ever put a paw on earth. Right until you take it for a walk… Then it goes berserk! Some useful dog leash training tricks can save you many embarrassing moments, and even save your dog's life. One by one, we are going to break down the best dog leash training tricks so stay tuned!

How Do I Get My Dog ​​To Stop Pulling On Other Dogs?

You are walking down the park when bam! Fido starts barking at another dog, a person, even at baby carriages... That is one of the most common reactions while walking your dog on a leash. An excellent dog leash training tricks for cases like this is going for a loose leash. Of course, your first instinct is tightening it, but that can trigger a more aggressive response.

What should you do, then? Follow some dog leash training tricks and treat your dog with its favorite cookie every time it behaves properly. Also, if your dog starts barking, stop walking. Give your dog the time to calm down and don't reward it! Never reinforce aggressive behaviors. The key is always to promote socialization.

How Do I Train My Dog ​​To Walk Without A Leash?

While this is entirely possible for expert trainers, after many years of training and learning, a dog can walk without a leash. Yet, it is not recommended to do it "at home." Remember that our dear puppies are driven mainly by instincts. Although dogs are smart, any distraction could put them in danger.

Following dog leash training tricks can make walking your pet a lot of fun. Also, there are several models and ways to make leash training safer but also trendy.

What Age Can You Leash Train A Puppy?

Starting early is the best. After eight weeks puppies can start receiving education and training their good manners. Sitting and staying are the first steps in their careers to being man's best friends. Introducing their leash and collar is one of the first dog leash training tricks to familiarize them with the new routine.

Now, your dog needs to have completed its entire vaccination cycle before putting a paw on the street. So it won't be ready to go around the neighborhood until after four months of starting their vaccinations.

Dog Leash Training Tricks? You Need The Appropriate Belt:

This leash was made for walking! But many others too, so what should a pet owner do? We made a list of the main types of leashes that you can use for leash training your dog:

  • Standard flat lead: This is the most common. It comes in various materials, but it’s essential to be sure it is strong enough to counteract your dog's impulsiveness, and that the clasp is ultra-resistant.
  • Harness lead: They are very useful to teach your dog not to jump or stand on its two hind legs when it is not requested.
  • Retractable leashes: They are great for dogs that have already received their "walking title" as it allows them to get away and enjoy their surroundings without unnecessary tensions in the trachea.

Love Is The Best Of All Dog Leash Training Tricks:

We know that leash training is about discipline, safety, and exercise, but we do all this for the same reason: love. We want only the best for our puppies, and that's why you have to be patient to see the results begin to manifest. One last thing, walking your dog is excellent for your mental and physical health, so...  Do you want to know more about leash training? Read the next article!

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