The benefits of raised feeders

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If there is something that concerns a pet owner is their pet's nutrition and feeding. Homemade recipes for dogs, vitamins for cats, and using raised feeders for dogs not... Raised feeders? Is that a thing? You might ask. Yes! Raised feeders are a genius strategy to improve your pet's health and feeding. Do you want to know how? In this article, we will explain all the benefits of raised feeders.

Raised Feeders, what are they?

Raised feeders are bowls used to feed domestic pets; its main characteristic is that they are placed above ground level. Both cats and dogs can enjoy using a raised feeder. These serving bowls should be placed at your pet's chest level so that they can enjoy their food without bending or lowering their snouts.

Raised Feeders: To keep a spotless home

Fido! What are you doing with your food! Finding the kitchen floor sprinkled with kibbles on daily basis is a reality for most pet owners. Especially with fast eating dogs, serving bowls placed on the ground can be counterproductive. Not only do they facilitate accelerated intake, but it also results in a lot of kibbles falling out of the feeder... At least until Fido have a late snack.

Even so, the most severe problem, in regards to cleanliness, we will all agree: is drinking water. When you have a messy dog, you usually have a messy floor. This can end up generating puddles of water that can often cause accidents.

Using a raised feeder, you can prevent eventual disasters, especially if you combine it with a slip-resistant placemat. With a raised feeder, your dog can get all the hydration it needs, without wasting a drop.

Raised feeders: Health benefits

There are two main health benefits of raised feeders:

  1. Using a raised feeder is a simple strategy to make your dog slow down its acceleration during meals.
  2. For dogs with mobility, bone, or joint problems, the use of a raised feeder facilitates their access to food.

Using a dog raised feeder to prevent bloat:

Now, let's break down these two benefits of raised feeders. First, using a raised feeder could help your dog slowing down. Sadly, eating fast can have deadly consequences for your furry friend. The speed with which your dog devours its kibbles can ease the entry of air into its stomach, causing gas and painful gastric discomforts.

As if that were not enough, these gases can eventually cause your dog to suffer from bloat. Also known as stomach dilatation, or volvulus, bloat in dogs, is a deadly veterinarian condition. It consists of a painful dog's stomach twist, which prevents gases, food, and hydration from following its regular course. This condition can quickly cause your dog to go into shock and need an emergency operation.

Helping your senior dog to eat using a raised feeder:

On the other hand, senior dogs, or those suffering from joint, rheumatism or arthritis, can benefit from using a raised feeder. Dogs with neck or joint problems may drink and eat more comfortably if they are not required to bend and stretch with each bite.

They are also good for you:

Bending to pick up your cat's bowl can be a real problem when you are recovering from an injury or having mobility problems of any kind. There are colorful models of raised feeders that will provide your dog with the best sanitary conditions in each serving. Consult with your veterinarian and give a change to Fido's feeding routine, it will thank you.

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